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Give people a fresh way to look at opportunities in real estate.

Our Vision

  • Make real estate opportunities clearer;
  • Build big, beautiful, "gotta work fast" maps with meaning; and
  • Connect-the-dots between people, meaning and place.

Beyond Value, Inc.

This is a Texas based compay that used to be in the Bay Area where it operated as a commercial real estate analyst firm from 2003-2009. The company's  focus shifted in 2010 to build Zonability, a product named to give people an ability to access hard-to-find local zoning and property information in one click.

2010 Prototype wins top honors in California state-wide contest.
2011 Leigh Budlong receives honor from the White House for innovating using technology and public data.
2012 R&D to create commercially available product with Andrew Joseph, Co-Founder and UT graduate.
2013 Pflugerville Community Development Corporation and Independence Title become customers.
2014 Product release February 2014. Sign up First American Title Austin, Chicago Title Austin

What Zonability Does

Zonability is a cutting-edge web application connecting layers of critical property record data with data the team creates using the local zoning ordinance. The fusion creates a brand new way to search and discover answers to such important questions as:

  • What is the zoning?
  • What can I do with a property?
  • What business uses are allowed at a property?
Our address is:
1704 E. 5th Street, #105
Austin, TX 78702


Where Do I Get Zonability?

Zonability is available for the Central TX markets and is distributed through partners. In Pflugerville, the data is made publicly available through the Pflugerville Economic Development Corporation.

Our partners want to provide you with a Zonability report AND their great research service.

About the Team

Leigh Budlong

Budlong is the visionary and founder of Zonability. Before becoming a software developer, Leigh worked for 18 years as a real estate expert earning both the CCIM designation for brokerage and MAI credential for appraisal. In 2003, she started her own company after having worked on institutional level deals at both CBRE and Cushman and Wakefield. Leigh Budlong is a graduate of The University of Southern California and has been recognized with the following accolades:

  • Champion of Change, Tech Award from The White House 2011
  • Apps for California, Award 2010
  • Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) 2000 to 2010
  • Member Appraisal Institude (MAI) 1996-2006

Andrew Joseph

Andrew Joseph studied GIS and urban planning at UT Austin and jumped into Zonability right after graduating in 2011. He met Leigh and Andrew one very hot August afternoon in 2011 thanks to a referral from a friend-of-a-friend. We didn't know then just how instrumental Andrew Joseph would be to the team at that time as so many things were in flux. He quickly earned the respect of someone who knows data and then came programming skills. Andrew Joseph is the product's co-founder.

Dave Mittner

Dave Mittner handles all aspects of what is seen while using Zonability. In the latter part of 2013, it became clear we needed someone to make the APIs come to life. Dave proved to be the right person at the right time, lucky us.