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Zonability is a real estate platform focused on untapped property potential

The Zonability Advantage

Our System

Zonability Scout

We can help find potential acquisition site for development or redevelopment.

Zonability Quant

Portfolio analysis for untapped potential and competition not yet seen as well as analysis at a submarket or city level. Gain new insights and get an edge.

Zonability Reports

Zonability in Texas is available through our Title Company Partners. We also have a Seattle Showcase for those interested in seeing our Risk Analysis.

"Zonability is an invaluable tool for our brokers and our clients in evaluating and pursuing land deals. And in this very competitive market, it gives us a necessary advantage over the competition."

David Simmonds
President & Founder, Retail Solutions

"Zonability gives the best first look at a property's potential!"

Cindie Brooks
Business Development, Chicago Title Austin

The Zonability Decoder

Zoning codes and data are inherently dense in subject matter and clarity. Uncovering such information on any given property can be troublesome, confusing and time consuming. By tapping into a location's unrealized potential - or built out condition - Zonability's patented technology platform makes it easier to envision a property's flexibility to change.