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Zonability tracks millions of parcels of data with a focus on calculating its unrealized potential. The trends are in place to upzone, which parcels "win?" Zonability knows.

Zonability is information not readily available but through our patented technology, we're able to serve very specifics data at the parcel level to be used in the context of an initial evaluation. This is not something you can "google and get." 

Zonability gives you the power to:

  • Understand the location using the Zonability map. 
  • Learn if the lot is already built out to a maximium. 
  • Find out the districts and their description at the parcel level.
  • Get a list of potential risks that may hinder tapping the parcel's unrealized potential.

How do I get Zonability?

In Texas, you can request a Zonability Report through one of our partners. For properties located outside of our Texas coverage area, just send us the address.  A complete list of currently available cities can be found here.

Why is Zonability NOT zoning?

  1. We want to connect parcel to potential in a colorful and informative way.
  2. We add a new dimension to real estate, a starter to highest and best use.
  3. We want you to compare and analyze properties over multiple cities at one time.
  4. We want you to have data for your internal system to use for your investments.
  5. We're not associated with any government agency - we can't give a final answer.

Our maps make it easy to understand the locations basics.


 Our parcel level calculations are similar to a financial calculator.

Where is Zonability based?

Beyond Value, Inc. (Zonability)
1704 E. 5th Street, #105
Austin, TX 78702