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Our Story

The existing structure you see doesn't tell the whole story.

The real story is based on either the current zoning or by a future land use plan.

Getting this story right is complicated given the multitude of data formats, individual city collection and data maintenance. This is what we do and are happy to make our partners shine as well as protect their privacy.

We have data on millions of properties. We use patented technology (we invented) to create order to chaotic data. If your company business focuses on valuation, development or evaluation, let's talk.

Zonability data is useful for:

Index building

Valuation models

Site selection

Enviornmental review

Infill development analysis

...and more.

Here are just three use cases to consider:


Core to property valuation is highest and best use. The need to understand zoning is a cornerstone to this analysis to compare to existing structures (conforming or grandfathered?)

Leverage GIS

Mapping data, also called "GIS" or spatial data, is the conduit to understanding location. It allows for incredible analytics and visuals centered on location and is easily paired with other data.


Rezoning is the arbitrage of real estate. A property upzoned to allow for greater density (or more valuable use) is coveted. The fastest way is to arbitrage is to leverage a city's future land use.

Beyond Value, Inc. owns Zonability. We are a Texas based company. 100% USA built and maintained.

Contact us to learn more about licensing our data.