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Adding a Story

This idea of adding a story is contingent upon being able to add square feet. Zoning allows a parcel to support a limit as to how many square feet. Depending on the zoning code, how to calculate if a parcel is already at its maximum may or may not be straightforward.

For adding a story, there is a need for the zoning code to provide the leeway but then there is also the need to meet the rules for how the new story relates to the rest of the building. 


  • Converting an attic may be construed as "adding a story" and may be a less expensive option;
  • Getting nearby neighbors who might be perceived as being the most impacted to support such an addition is prudent;
  • Views are not protected by and large - exceptions are often government buildings;
  • Having adequate parking may be a condition;
  • Learning what homes in the immediate area have successfully added a story may save you time;
  • Hiring an architect with this type of experience in that location may be a benefit;
  • Fire sprinklers may be required as well as other safety issues - these can add costs; and
  • Expect design requirements and a rigorous permit process.