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Preservation and Historic

In some cases, it is very obvious a building or neighborhood is labeled 'historic." In other cases, it isn't which means it can be a surprise. There are actually three levels or hierarchical to be aware of:

  • National level
  • State level
  • Local

Of the three, local is most stringent.

Historic buildings often get tax benefits in exchange for having the preservation status. This may be viewed positively by the market. It is important to understand historic status may mean it is more expensive to maintain as local building departments may impose higher standards on the type of siding, windows and roof materials required.


  • If in doubt, hire a local historic expert and/or architect for help.
  • If there is a plaque, it should be easier to research.
  • Many cities will review buildings over 50 years in age before a demo permit is issued.
  • Historic status may not just be age. It could be former residents, architectural style or the architect.
  • Contact the local preservation group if your plans include changing the exterior or tearing down.