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Subdividing can apply to land or a building (for condos). It involves a different ordinance than zoning so be sure to run a search for "city name + subdividing ordinance" in order to view the correct document.

To subdivide vacant land, it involves a term "platting" and may involve the need to build infrastructure such as roads, sewer, and utilities.

When it comes to subdividing a building into condominiums, there are requiremenets for how the split of the existing parcel will be handled such as meeting the parking requirements, current building codes, yard or private outdoor space.

What to keep in mind:

  • Size - the size of the project may impact how much work you'll need to do for the approval process. Those projects with 4 or fewer lots may not require the same level of scrutiny as a project with 5 or more. Larger subdivisions may have more significant infrastructure requirements such as roads, sidewalks, driveways plus;
  • Traffic and parking - a traffic control will become something to consider as well as being able to provide enough parking;
  • Development standards - the lots created by the potential split need to meet the minimum lot size and/or frontage requirements per the zoning;
  • Water - water meters and storm drainage are issues may need to be addressed.