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Tree Protection

Trees may limit your property's potential because they can't be removed and unfortunately, they may be in a very inconvenient location. Did you know some development approvals require planting trees for approvals? It is important to recognize "trees" are viewed as a community asset in many municipalities. This means, control lies not the hands of the property owner but in how that community creates its own processes.

Here are some tips:

  • Check if the trees are heritage, protected or neither - the differences in options and costs can be significant.
  • Be sure you contact an arborist to have trees health reviewed and document - keeping notes will save you time and money if you need to present a case to your local tree committee (yes, there are such committees with power to say "yes" or "no").
  • Understand the property owner's responsibilities versus the city's as it related to trimming - and get it in writing before you make a purchase decision.
  • The local fire department may know more about local trees, it may be worth a visit or call. We've heard of cases in which the authority of the fire department bypassed the local tree committee and allowed for the owner to make decisions relative to sick trees. Remember, a sick tree could be a potential hazard and then it could involve personal property, including damages.