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Zonability Data

Zonability offers city zoning. This is a B-to-B product designed to help those real estate platforms with an existing customer base extend their reach with our unique niche data set. We offer licensing for both data and technology.

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Zonability Service

Zonability can help you when you don't have the expertise on how to use city zoning to be their own "bird dog" for land, infill development opportunities or adaptive re-use sites. This service requires you be a data customer.

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  • Parcel boundary knowledge
  • Overlapping boundary issues
  • Joining property data to parcels
  • Identifying underused properties
  • Custom analysis "how to"
  • GIS basics

Zonability Reports

We partner with title companies in Texas to distribute Zonability Reports. Title representatives for help real esate agents and brokers uncover restrictions and citiy zoning is yet another restriction worth knowing.

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Zonability's Coverage

  • We are expanding. Please contact us to learn more.