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Zonability Spatial Data

Zonability is the trusted source for standardize city level land-use regulations. We are experts in the data field for this niche subject.

What is a base zoning district?

Base zoning is the original zoning districts. It is what the city started out with when it initiated its current zoning code. Property rights are tied to this base zoning district which is why a city can't regulate a property with an overlay zoning district if it isn't already zoned by a a base zoning district.

What is by-right zoning?

Vested rights for a property to be developed as per the zoning for that property. 

Why do cities have overlay zoning districts?

Because it is eaiser to add more regulations that augment the base zoning district's controls than to rezone. 

Is zoning uniform by zip code?


What is your coverage?

35 US metros and growing.

Why is standardization so valuable to users?

The cryptic letter number means very little to most people. What if you could search by the utility per zoning? That is what makes Zonability so powerful and practical.

How about a practical example?

Our infographic showing all residentially zoned land by 7 key metros was featured in a recent webinar with Ali Wolf and Tim Sullivan of Meyers Research. Mr. Sullivan relayed the uniqueness of being able to see how land was zoned to anticipate long term impacts on housing prices. To listen, please go to this link and you'll hear his rational starting around minute 50.

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