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Our data

Zonability adds efficiency and innovation with its specialty data set focused on real estate development. We use a patented method to standardize zoning and future land use data for American cities in order to offer our clients a way to gain fresh insights. Knowing the zoning is the fastest way to size up a property's potential.

Why want it?
Three primary use cases:
On the hunt
Comparing deals
Deciding what to do with an asset

Who should use it?
Data scientists
Asset managers
Risk mitigation

Opportunity Zones are big news for commercial real estate. We've worked with companies like Digital Map Products to help their customers understand the city zoning within an Opportunity Zone (March 1 blog).

What is our current coverage?
We offer a national data set focused on major US cities. Zoning is on a "per city" basis and can extend our data to include suburbs around major US cities with your input.

Contact us to get a quote for timing/cost based on your needs.