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Zonability Scout

With structured parcel level data, including the zoning and options for use within a zoning district, we are able to create targeted lists of potential development and adaptive re-use opportunities. We offer this a service and ask clients to provide us their search criteria with a minimum of the following:

  • City + zip code(s)
  • Range of land size (example under an acre, 1 to 3 acres, 4 to 10 acres etc.)
  • New development opportunity or adaptive re-use
  • Type of planned development
  • Zoning district preference (if any)

We'll require a $100 deposit at the time to set up the search - this will get applied to the total service charge.

We'll review findings with you by on-line meeting.

We don't provide mailing address information for contacting the property owner but have connections to companies specializing in this and can make this an add-on to the service.

Please contact us with your needs.