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Our System

The days of simple zoning are gone and the stakes have knowing the impacts of zoning have never been higher. Our company focuses squarely on land use and zoning. We source the data, cross-check mapping data to the corresponding zoning ordinance and standardize.

What data source is your system using?

The field "zoning" has been largely ignored by county assessors and appraisal districts. Their focus is on taxation and a property's potential - driven by zoning - is not considered.

Zonability data makes it possible to understand these layers of regulations and create new opportunities for those who can now see their market through the Zonability lens.

What makes standardization so useful?

Our standardization means looking at the base zoning district at the "by right" uses.

How can you access Zonability? If you are looking for a Zonability report in our Texas coverage area, you can request a report from one of our Title Partners.If you are interested in having Zonability data for your in-house system, contact us. We offering custom options to meet needs including providing data for a zip code and/or submarket using your custom boundaries.If you are a MLS, we can offer map tiles and some basic level Zonability data, contact us

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