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What is Zonability?

Zonability is standardized future land use and zoning data (at the municipal level) available for licensing. Additionally, there is a Zonability report subscription available in Texas. 

Why isn't the company called Zonability?

Beyond Value, Inc. owns and operates Zonability. The company started as a real estate services entity and transitioned to software.

What was the inspiration?

Valuation. Propeties values are more than the existing structure, the land is where the bulk of value may be in urban areas. The way to evaluate a property's dirt is through its zoning and/or future land use data; but it is time consuming and requires expertise to comb through files city by city. Furthermore, there is no field for "future land use" in county assessor property records and the field for "zoning" is incomplete, inaccurate or empty 80% of the time.

What is Zonability's coverage?

Zonability started in Texas. It is now expanding to investment-oriented markets in California and Florida and has a nationwide data set similar to those cities in the original Case Schiller Index.

When did Zonability start?

Our first product, the Zonability report, launced in 2014.

Does Zonability use patented technology?


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Beyond Value, Inc.
1205 E. Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78702