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What is Zonability?

Zonability is a new way to think about property potential. It takes into account zoning at the municipal level and identifies upside potential.  

Why isn't the company called Zonability?

Beyond Value, Inc. owns and operates Zonability. The company started as a real estate services entity and transitioned to software.

What was the inspiration?

Valuation. Properties values are more than the existing structure, the land is where the bulk of value may be especially in some key locations. This is where knowing Zonabilitiy really helps. You can't rely upon county property records. The field for "zoning" is incomplete, inaccurate or empty 80% of the time from our research.

What is Zonability's coverage?

Please contact us for a complete list. We're in 21 metros across the US. 

When did Zonability start?

Our first product, the Zonability Report, launched in Austin, TX in 2014.

Does Zonability use patented technology?


Mailing address 

Beyond Value, Inc.
1205 E. Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78702