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What is Zonability?

Zonability is a real estate platform focused on property potential.  Our technology standardizes regulatory layers of land-use and zoning. The company offers a data product. Additionally, there is a Zonability subscription for title representatives looking for a creative business development tool.

Why isn't the company called Zonability?

Beyond Value, Inc. owns and operates Zonability. The company started as a real estate services entity and transitioned to software.

What was the inspiration?

Property record data often comes from the county assessor and the field for "zoning" is empty or incomplete. Zonability provides city-level zoning which ties to how a property can be used and its value potential.

Is a Zonability report the same as a feasibility study?

No. A feasibilty study is a very detailed analysis performed by an expert who analyzes a specific property for an assignment with set requirements. This involves a person, not just a machine.

What is Zonability's coverage?

Zonability started in Texas. It is now expanding to select investment-oriented markets.

How long as Zonability been around?

We started to sell our product in 2014.

Does Zonability use patented technology?


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Beyond Value, Inc.
1205 E. Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78702