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What is Zonability?

Zonability is a real estate platform focused on unrealize property potential. For the millions of parcels in our system, we have calculations show the square footage opportunity as well as those parcels that appear to already be exceeding what current zoning might allow today.

Why isn't the company called Zonability?

Leigh Budlong started Beyond Value, Inc., as a real estate services company in 2003 with an emphasis on understanding the property's value and marketing position.

What was the inspiration?

After seeing the advancements in real estate technology, it seemed to create readily unrealized property potential at the parcel level.

Is a Zonability report the same as a feasibility study?

No. A feasibilty study,on the other hand, is very detailed. It involves local experts focused on a specific property and the intended proposed use for that property.

What is Zonability's coverage?

Zonability started in Austin, Texas. It is now expanding to select investment-oriented markets with an emphasis in the West, South and Southeast.

How long as Zonability been around?

The initial product launched in February 2014.

Does Zonability use patented technology?


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Beyond Value, Inc.
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